ABC suite is a cloud-based set of services designed for an Operator or ISP business.
Whether combined or separately, ABC suite services help your customers stay connected, collaborate efficiently and keep their offices running.

All-in-one Business Communications

A unified solution for your customers, with all the communications services combined: Business Phone, Video Meetings and Contact Management.

Complete and flexible

ABC suite allows you to provide a flexible offer to your customers. Companies can opt for the complete set of services or simply select the ones that match their business needs.

Video Meetings

A mandatory tool for real-time collaboration and face-to-face interactions, to help your customers work from anywhere.


Business Phone

A cloud-based phone system powered with fixed-mobile convergence and access to advanced features regardless of device or network.

Contact Management

A full set of communication control features to provide a rich contact experience and meet the management needs of your customers.

Global administration for Operators

As a hosted enterprise solution for convergent communications, ABC suite provides a flexible and customer-oriented answer to a wider market range, that enables the cost reduction you seek.

Easy management for Companies

With ABC suite, companies can easily customize services and settings, manage users and devices, and, more important, control their communication costs.

Unified experience for End Users

ABC suite features a rich set of communication services, available from any kind of network access and empowered by fixed-mobile convergence.


Expand your offer. Empower your brand.

Build up customer loyalty and reinforce the trust on your brand.


ABC suite combines all the components your customers need to ensure their teams can work from anywhere.

White labelling

A Unified Communications solution with your own brand identity, ready to be launched.

Highly compatible

Interface with legacy networks and PBX systems to enable rich communications with both fixed and mobile numbering.

Centralized management

User-friendly web-based interface with multitier administration levels for management and provisioning of Companies, End Users, Services and IP devices.


Service configuration

An ample services suite for your customers, available regardless of the type of network access, with self-care interfaces for empowerment and greater flexibility.

Reports & Statistics

A great tool to allow your customers to stay on top of how their businesses are handling communications and collaboration.

Competitive solution

A solution that helps your customers move away from costly premise-based equipment to a hosted solution accessible from anywhere.


Voice & Video

Users can take advantage of High-Definition audio and video.


Awareness of users’ availability to communicate.

Hosted PBX services

Full set of IP communication services with personal and group features, to fulfill the user’s business needs.

Video meetings

Users can collaborate with company members or external users, for an engaging business experience.


Integrated real-time chat capabilities.

Ready to use

Built for everyone, requiring no downloads or complex installations.

Help companies keep on working

By expanding your customers’ offices, you help them overcome the challenges of distance, timezone and isolation.

Video meetings made simple

VOICIS Conference is the video conferencing component of ABC suite. It allows your customers and their teams to take full advantage of face to face communications and real time cooperation.

Meeting room features

With conference rooms created in a flash, your customers will work at their best no matter where they are.

  • Moderation
  • Presentation mode
  • Screen sharing
  • Chat
  • File sharing

Get started with ABC suite

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